Internet “lifesavers” in times of pandemic

Internet “lifesavers” in times of pandemic

We celebrate World Internet Day on May 17, an event that is performed by treating a different theme every year since 2005. This year we address the basic theme, ‘ Internet “lifesavers” in times of pandemic ‘, highlighting the importance of cyber security for companies during this period.


2020 will undoubtedly be remembered for the year in which the COVID-19 virus changed our way of living, thinking, and for many of us working.  Technology is part of our lives in this modern world. We have been able to see how it connects us. Brings us closer in the distance, and facilitates the option of working from our homes. 

Life without Internet 

Putting in value means ‘making more appreciated, highlighting their qualities’. Probably, at some point during this crisis. We have spent a minute of our time thinking how different our life would have been without the Internet, without those video calls that make our day so much or the video recipes that make you the chef of the house. Without a doubt, the Internet has made it possible to maintain our social relationships during confinement.

As regards the world of work, both the Internet and the rest of the technological field have meant continuity for many businesses thanks to teleporting or electronic commerce. For businesses that today were less linked to technology, this has proven to be an invaluable help in their ability to reinvent themselves. Either by filling orders through instant messaging applications or by conducting campaigns to publicize their businesses. And new services through different social networks, among many other initiatives. 

Education, Professional services and Teleporting 

To remain active, sectors such as education, professional services, or associations have been able to continue providing their services thanks to teleporting. Managing email, video call meetings, or access to corporate information are just some of the tasks that we carry out today from our homes.

At the beginning of this crisis, many companies did not have environments prepared for the incorporation of all or most of the workers to timework. Or they did not have the necessary security measures as it is an unprecedented situation and without reaction time. 

Cyber security 

Cybercriminals, aware of the shortcomings of many companies in security, seek the ‘entrances’ to business through these weaknesses. During this crisis, they are taking advantage of the boom in the use of technologies to try to exploit their vulnerabilities. They also use social engineering to sneak into our email with different fraudulent messages and thus carry out the deception: urgent communications or new administrative procedures impersonating divergent government agencies. The false arrival of an order pending receipt. Or an alleged security update of our online banking. 

The objective, to obtain access credentials to different services or to infect the devices with malware. 

Also, we have focused on raising awareness about the importance of the cyber security measures necessary to timework. As well as the safest practices, through the publications under the CiberCOVID19 label. Both on our blog and in the notices. 

Undoubtedly, this crisis caused by COVID-19 has marked a before and after in many aspects of our lives. And as the matter of World Internet Day suggests, we have already appreciated both the Internet and the rest of the technologies. That they are as much a part of our daily lives as our businesses. 

Now more than ever, don’t forget, bet on cyber security and protect your company.

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