What you can expect from a web designer

What you can expect from a web designer

When creating an online business, there are lots of factors to consider. Deciding what product or service you are going to provide is the first step.
Choosing a great web designer and developer is an important stage in the process of creating a successful online business. A competent web designer is someone who is both creative and technically capable. Your designer will need to create a website that is functional, simple to navigate, and just as importantly, be aesthetically appealing to users.

The demand for web designers is rapidly growing, and the competition is high. To stand out, a good web designer will understand the importance of quality, how to share ideas, excellent customer service, and great prices.
A web designer’s main role is to design your business pages. To ensure your website is visually appealing, the designer will select appropriate colors for your brand, choose a font, design the layout and make sure all of your images are crisp and of the highest quality. Also, the usability of the website should be made a priority. You can have the most stunning web design, but if it isn’t simple to navigate or relevant to your target audience, you will lose traffic.

An example of this is if your website is aimed at young people, maybe school-aged children. If this was the case, a great web designer should understand the importance of bright colors, easy to read font, and more images than text. Another example is if you are offering a product, the user will want to be able to see every aspect of the item they are purchasing. They will require sufficient details on the features and stunning, high-quality images. The website will still need to be easy to read and simple to navigate

A web designer will initially be in full control of your website. The best designers will communicate with you throughout the entire process, ensuring you are 100% happy with the progress. They will also welcome your ideas and suggestions.

A common mistake that some people make is assuming that web designers will not only design their website but also maintain it by creating content. For example, you may require product descriptions, blog posts, or SEO. This isn’t always the case. You will need an expert content writer to do this for you. With that said, at Five Rivers designs, we work alongside experienced and talented writers and developers. They will create SEO friendly content, including research and imagery.

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