The Importance of having a Website during the Pandemic

The Importance of having a Website during the Pandemic

2020 has seen thousands of businesses shut their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some employees have been lucky enough to work remotely, and many are likely to consider doing so on a more permanent basis. And why not? With little or no commuting, more time with the family, flexible working hours and less chance of illness.
Whilst this means you can still function as a business, have you considered whether you could be driving in more sales? Perhaps before the pandemic you owned a shop and was selling directly from your premises, and you never felt the need to have a website for your business. Now is the time to consider investing in a site, and here are some reasons why:

Maintain an online presence
Even if you have temporarily paused trading, you will want to keep your current customer base and draw more traffic in. Perhaps before the pandemic, you sold your products or services on social media platforms and didn’t have a website. Whilst marketing this way can be successful, having a well-designed website to showcase your business will improve your chances of that success.
Having a website opens up several other marketing opportunities. There are regular newsletters you can send, emails and the option to build up more subscribers.
And let’s face it, now would be the time to get the ball rolling!

New ventures
We have spoken about individuals who have been lucky enough to work from home, but how about those who haven’t been so fortunate? So many people have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Have you had your own dream of running an online business, but never had the time to pursue it? Now would be the time to put your plans into action. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, just ideas, dedication, commitment, and in this case, a stunning website design

Keep your customers ‘in the loop’
If you have temporarily ‘shut up shop’, your customers will be keen to know when you are likely to be back in business. By having a website, you can make regular announcements and keep them up-to-date with your current status.

Explain to customers how you intend on keeping the safe
It may be that you can still operate your business as usual, especially if you are considered essential. Your customers will understandably be cautious about catching COVID-19. On your website, you can clearly outline the steps you are taking to ensure both theirs and your employee’s safety.
Even if you are not trading at this present time, but intend to return soon, your customers will still be keen to hear your plans.

Book in future work and prepare quotes
Although we never truly know how long lockdowns and restrictions will last, you can still prepare for the future.
For example, if you provide a service that requires appointments, a website can provide you with an online booking system. Equal to that, if you do find yourself with more time on your hands than usual, now would be the time to prepare quotes, send out emails and share your future plans.

Final Thoughts
The COVID-19 Pandemic has hit us all hard. Emotionally, health wise and in some cases, financially. By future proofing your business, you should have some sort of online presence.
Five Rivers Designs are here to answer any questions you may have. We are affordable, reliable and waiting to help you during these unprecedented times. Contact us for more information on how we can design a fully functioning website for your business.

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